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our report for 2021

This is a wrap-up of our year 2021. The coffees we’ve used and the price we have paid for them.


To us staying fully transparent is highly important. We want to know where our ingredients come from and most importantly who we work with. Relationships and people are what got us in to specialty coffee business in the first place and relationships will always have that first place in our priorities.


Staying transparent to you, to our customers and other stakeholders, is also very important to us because we want to help the industry to understand the value of coffee and the amount of labor that goes into it.


FOB isn’t a perfect measuring pole by any means. But it works as an indicator of the price staying in the country of origin.


Here we try to open also the prices behind FOB and how they are formed. Where the money goes and how the prices are formed. And most importantly why the prices are different in specialty coffee, all the way from the tree to the cup.

Coffee farm.jpg

Latin America

Brazil: 2108kg

Colombia: 199.5kg
Costa Rica: 70kg

El Salvador: 1318.7kg

Guatemala: 1525.2kg

Honduras: 544.3kg

Mexico: 203kg

Nicaragua: 1956.2kg

Producers: 13

Kilos: 7924.9

Weighted average FOB: 6.57$/kg

C-market average price: 3.73$/kg



Burundi: 512.7kg

Ethiopia: 1925.64kg
Kenya 605.38kg

Rwanda: 613.5kg

Producers: 9

Kilos: 3657.22

Weighted average FOB: 6.57$/kg

C-market average price: 3.73$/kg

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