Burundi - Heza PB

Burundi is again back on the menu, and as always our Burundian coffee comes from the one and only Long Miles Coffee Project. This washed peaberry coffee comes from their first washing station called Heza.


Filter coffee:

Bright and fragrant cup with notes of candied lemon peel, bergamot, lime, and raspberry



Bright espresso with silky mouthfeel and notes of Assam tea, mandarine, red currant, and bergamot.


Cappuccino/Flat white:

Smooth and fruity with red currants, nougat, and key lime pie


The Producer:


Even before starting Populus Coffee, we knew we wanted to work together with the Long Miles Coffee Project and this is already the sixth year in a row working with them. During these years we have visited each other on both sides, built a very special relationship, and are proud to call the people at Long Miles our friends.


All our coffees from Burundi come from this wonderful farmer-focused initiative whit the aim to bring smallholder farmers and roasters closer together in order to better the quality of coffee and more importantly the life of the Burundian coffee farmers. Neither of these is an easy task to take on by any account. Growing specialty coffee requires a lot of labor, care, and knowledge in all countries but when you combine that with the unstable political situation, highly regulated and bureaucratic coffee market, geographical constraints coming from being a landlocked country attempting to export coffee by sea freight and of course the constant threat of military coup the job can seem next to impossible. With hard work and a great group of people involved Long Miles has found a way to establish themselves as producers and exporters of consistently extraordinary coffees.

Burundi - Heza PB

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