Colombia - Tres Rayas

Here is a wild and sweet coffee for all you anaerobic-process lovers. The complexity and levels of the flavor notes of Tres Rayas are hard to beat. Sweet cotton candy, sparkling berry sodas, aromatic dark rum, and juicy stone fruits are just some of the things you can find in the cup.


Filter coffee:

Apricot Cider, Candy-like, Berry soda



A funky sweet and sour cocktail with a buttery mouthfeel and a long hazelnut aftertaste


Cappuccino/Flat white:

Tiramisu with soft overtones of smokey bourbon and bubble gum-like sweetnes


The Producer:


This coffee comes from a project called ‘Sourced by Delaqua’ and is grown by an indigenous community living on a Nasa Wesh reservation in Tolima’s municipality of Planadas, Colombia. The project is a collaborative initiative designed to spotlight different regions of Colombia, all bound by common values – unwavering quality and commitment to more sustainable farming practices.


The ASCISP (association of indigenous producers of San Pedro Resguardo Páez de Gaitania ) is an organization that is a part of the Nasa Wesh Indigenous Reservation, with a population of over 2500 members. This association has an alliance with Tres Rayas, with whom the team of Delagua has been working for the ‘Sourced By Delagua’ project.


Tres Rayas works collaboratively with this indigenous community that impacts 66 coffee families. In their reservation, it is a law to be respectful to every living being, and they work through detailed sustainable practices respecting the land.


Delaqua is well-known for its processing methods as well as its high-quality coffees. But even more so on its innovational outlook on environmental issues.

Colombia - Tres Rayas

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