Kenya - David Maguta

Natural processed Kenyan Single estate coffee is not something you see every day, but you will definitely want to drink this every day. From David Maguta, a pioneering and innovational coffee producer from Nyeri comes this natural-processed mix of Ruiru and Batian varieties with deep sweetness and full berry flavors.


Filter coffee:
Strawberry, black tea, marmalade, soda


Jammy espresso with high sweetness and notes of blueberry jam, raspberry, lemonade, and bergamot


With milk:

Sweet and creamy espresso with notes of red currant and orange peel with salted caramel


The Producer:


David Maguta is the driving force behind a small, independent producer group called 'Muruguru Estate Coffee Producers' (or short: MECOP) in Nyeri, Kenya. All their coffees are sold as single estate coffees, no coops, no auctions, and no big exporter companies in between. Just direct relationships and straight dialog with the producer.


David's approach towards coffee production is pragmatic and progressive. Instead of washing all of his lots, David seeks alternative processing methods and uses organic farming practices. By processing natural and honey lots he wants to improve the flavor profile as well as seek out more environmentally friendly alternatives for the traditional washed process. 


On his family farm, David cultivates Batian and Ruiru 11 varieties due to their plant disease resistance and climate adaptability. The famous SL varieties are suffering under the new unpredictable climate conditions and aggressive plant disease thus have to be sprayed with chemicals throughout the harvest season.  David seeks to introduce his chemical-free approach to all MECOP members in the future. He also runs his own specialty roastery.


David founded the MECOP with talented small farmers wishing to have full control over the pricing, quality, and transparency of their work. This is a challenge in the aggressive and complex Kenyan coffee market dominated by multinational giants competing over diminishing crops.  The group chooses to prepare their lots by mixing AA and AB grades together. In our opinion, this untypical preparation really paid off in cup complexity. 

Kenya - David Maguta

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1 Kilogram
  • Coffee info

    Flavor notes: Strawberry, black tea, marmalade, soda
    Producer: David Maguta
    Origin: Nyeri, Kenya
    Farm: Maana
    Variety: Ruiru & Batian 
    Processing: Natural 
    Altitude: 1740 masl
    Importer: Belco
    Beginning of the relationship: 2020
    FOB: 9,08$/kg

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