Ethiopia - Tabe Burka

Here's a sweet and bright treat from Uraga, Guji by Tadesse Edema's washing station Tabe Burka. This washed mix of Guji Heirloom varieties brews a delicious cup with all methods. 


Filter coffee:
Peach, mandarin orange, lavender, lemonade


A fragrant, delicate, floral espresso with nuanced notes of citrus and stone fruit.


With milk:

Very floral with a deep creme brulee sweetness.


The Producer:


Tabe Burka is a washing station founded in 2008 by a Guji-native Tadesse Edema; a pioneer among producers in Uraga.  Grown in a big, highly coffee-oriented family with 29 brothers all of whom work with coffee.


Tabe Burka station collects its coffee from 300 surrounding smallholders, that form five farmer groups. Each farmer owns approximately 3 hectares of land. Tadesse pays the farmers groups in advance when harvest begins. This gives the smallholders an incentive to concentrate on harvesting quality.


Our sourcing partner for Ethiopia, Belco Coffee, runs a project called Forest Coffee led by Delphine Ayerbe and Jacques Chambrillon. The project focuses on coffees grown in high-altitude, primary forest habitats that are extremely rare and fragile ecosystems. Farmers who live next to their indigenous arabica trees are under economic pressure and therefore, so are the forests they cultivate in. Belco collaborates with farmers by studying farm ecosystems, advising on processing and farming methods, and spreading knowledge of forest-grown coffee. 

Ethiopia - Tabe Burka

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