Honduras - Juan Fernandez

Honduras is back on the menu. This season we are starting off with a sweet and bright washed Parainema from Juan Evangelista Fernandez. With notes of juicy pears, tart and sweet grapefruit jam, cherries and complex floral notes this coffee makes a tasty cup with any brewing method.


Filter coffee:

Sweet and bright cup with notes of grapefruit jam, pears, cherries, complex floral notes, and sparkling-wine-like acidity.


Creamy mouthfeel with great depth of sweetness and fermented overtones of natural wine, plums, sweet lime, and refined hazelnut butter. 


With milk:

Highlighted peach blossom, lightly salted caramel, and Medjool date.


The Producer:


Juan Evangelista Fernandez has been a coffee producer for nearly 70 of his 83 years. For the past 10 years, he has been farming a land he calls La Maravilla - the wonder in La Flores, Santa Bárbara region.


Juan cultivates Parainema together with his family with excellent results. Very recently they have built a second wet mill, which has allowed the family to process their coffee closer to where it is picked, saving time and trouble.


The Santa Bárbara region is very famous for its coffee quality. In recent years, most of the coffees in the Honduran Cup of Excellence competition come from this region. This region is also one of the first places we visited with our first trip to the origin and holds a very special place in our hearts.

Honduras - Juan Fernandez

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