Peru - Mavila Peralta

Peru is back on our menu. After a couple of years in between, we are bringing Peru back as our origin, with the help of Origin Coffee Lab. This coffee is produced by Mavila Peralta on her farm in the Jaen region in northern Peru.


With flavors of green apple, golden raisins, aromatic muscovado sugar, and juicy honeydew this coffee is sure to win you over and get your day started on a good note.


Filter coffee:

Soft and juicy cup of green apple, muscovado sugar, honeydew, cacao and golden raisins.





Cappuccino/Flat white:



The Producer:


Mavila Peralta runs her 2.5-hectare farm in a small village called El Laurel, in the northern parts of Peru. She and her brother have shared their farm into neighboring plots and share in the work on the farms as well as a small beneficio for processing their coffee. El Laurel is located in the Jaen area, which is one of the most well-known specialty coffee regions in Peru.


The farm and the Beneficio are fully family-run, but outside help is needed for harvesting. Mostly this happens through hired seasonal employees but the community also organizes something called ‘Minga’, which translates ‘today for you, tomorrow for me’, where they help each other with harvesting one farm at a time.


Once the cherries have been pulped, the parchment is fermented for 18 to 30 hours either in bags or in a small tank, and then dried on patios for 10 to 20 days. Mavila is part of the Origin Coffee Lab program w