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About us

Populus Coffee was born in 2016 in Neukölln, Berlin.

But the seed was planted years before in Helsinki, Finland.

Populus was born on the idea of working as directly with the coffee producers as possible, creating real value for the people along the supply chain, having an honest ongoing dialog with all members, and doing business that makes people feel good.


The founders

Populus Coffee is a family business founded by Sari and Henrik Haavisto. Originally from Finland, coffee is a part of our DNA. We grew up with filter coffee all around us.

In 2014, Henrik's background in journalism took him on a trip to Guatemala and Honduras, and it turned out to be a life-changing one. He got to experience the true beauty of specialty coffee: the relationship between people who share the same passion and work together for a common goal. From that trip, Populus Coffee also got its first and most long-lasting partnerships, as well as our name, which means people. To us, these relationships are the most important part of the trade.


We aim to source our coffees as directly as possible. The vast majority of the coffee or through highly trusted sourcing partners who share the same values as us. Our coffees come from some of the best producers in the world from over ten origins. We maintain high quality and transparency criteria for all the coffee we roast and the partners we work with because great coffee is made in the origin. Our job is to find the best beans and bring out their natural flavors by roasting. We visit the origins as often as we can and do at least two trips a year.


Our place

Our coffee shop is in Neukölln, Berlin, by the Landwehrkanal on Maybachufer. We brew all our coffees in different methods rotationally here to showcase the diversity of this fantastic ingredient. We also document the experiences of our baristas with different coffees to help our wholesale clients bring out the best in the beans. To accompany the coffee, we serve delicious treats created by our in-house baker team.

Our roastery

We are one of the founders of Germany's biggest co-roasting space, Communal Coffee. CC is located in Neukölln, Berlin, and brings together not only 10 roasteries but also offers a place for green coffee importers, machine manufacturers, and all specialty coffee lovers to share ideas, pass on knowledge, learn new things, and celebrate the beauty of great coffee. We organize public cuppings, training, get-togethers, and seminars. 

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