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New Coffees to Populus' menu

Updated: Feb 15

Populus and our sister brand, Such Good Coffee, are uniting under the Populus brand during May 2023.

Why did we decide to go this route?

Such Good Coffee has been an excellent tool for us to diversify our offerings and buy more than just the micro lots from our partners. We wanted to create an easily approachable and playful brand to attract people to simply switch from bad to good coffee.

There's no more need to differentiate. We have noticed that our customers understand that specialty coffee is a versatile concept that's not just about nerding out and high acidity. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Populus is able to source excellent quality volume lots that stand up tall next to our micro and nano lots as well as comply with our philosophy.

Our mission is to represent the diversity of the coffee world, and now we are doing it under one brand.

This means that three new coffees will appear on Populus' retail and wholesale menu:

Zeitgeist is sweet, fruit-forward seasonal house blend that tastes beautiful as it is or with any milk option of your choice. It presents sweetness and origin characteristics in perfect balance.

Big Shot is a more developed espresso roast with a big body and sweet, chocolaty profile. We challenge ourselves to create a genuinely great dark roast without the usual negative flavors such as smokiness and bitterness.

Peace Easy is our decaffeinated option for specialty coffee lovers who want to get the right flavors but not the jitters. Decaf used to be low-quality coffee diluted in chemicals, but not anymore. We offer decaf drinkers the possibility to enjoy tasty specialty coffee.

Populus offerings are also going to be divided into three categories:

‘Regional & communal’ is the category for all three coffees mentioned above. These coffees are roasted mainly for espresso purposes and will stay on the menu all year around though ingredients change by crop and season.

‘Micro lots’ are mostly single-producer coffees that cup above 86 points and are roasted to be brewed with any brewing method. For us, these coffees are the essence of what specialty coffee stands for. Clean, sweet, and structured cup profiles from the best producers we know. There will also be espresso releases in this category.

’Nano lots’ are rare, limited, and experimental. Coffee processing and cultivation are developing faster than ever. New processing methods that challenge the pallet, rare varieties, and emerging origins are waiting to be discovered. This category represents our take on the trends in the coffee world.

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