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Decaf - Peace Easy

This is most likely the best decaf you have tasted. Peace Easy is for specialty coffee lovers who want to cut back on their caffeine intake but don't want to compromise on the taste. It tastes like the real thing without the jitters.


Decaf has never tasted as good!


Filter coffee:

Cherry, molasses, marzipan, white grape. Round and sweet with fresh apple-like acidity.



Notes of milk chocolate, almond butter, and fresh cherries. Well-structured cup with a creamy mouthfeel.



Highlighted notes of brown sugar and almond with great cherry-like brightness.


Coffee info

This coffee comes from Huila, Colombia's most important coffee-producing area near the southwestern coast. It is a regional blend from different producers in this area working with our Colombian partners at Equation Coffee.


Equation Coffee buys the coffee in cherry from the producers and processes it in their own facilities. They use a natural decaffeination process called Sugarcane decaffeination. This method utilizes molasses, which is a byproduct of sugar production.


The green coffee beans are gently steamed to open their pores before submerging into tanks filled with water and EA to begin the Decaf process. The EA bonds with the compounds of the coffee, allowing for decaffeination to occur. The process takes approximately 24 hours and removes about 98-99% of the caffeine. As the method avoids high pressure and temperatures, it preserves the natural terroir flavors and results in a sweet and bright cup profile. 

Decaf - Peace Easy

11,90 €Price
1000 Grams
  • Coffee info

    Flavor notes: Creamy, milk chocolatey, smooth, cherry, molasses, and marzipan

    Variety: Mix
    Processing: Sugarcane decaffeination
    Altitude: 1600-1800 masl
    Importer: Equation Coffee
    Beginning of the relationship: 2022
    FOB: $/kg

  • Delivery notice

    Please keep in mind that our roast day is Monday. All orders received before Monday 10.00 will be shipped at the latest on Wednesday. 

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