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Ethiopia - Chelbesa

Bright and fabulous coffee full of floral notes and sweet fruitiness from SNAP Coffee's washing station in Chelbesa. It's like a liquid summer day and brings a smile to your lips with all brewing methods. 


Filter coffee:

Jasmine, wild honey, peach, and raspberry. Bright cup with rich florals and jammy mouthfeel.



Thick mouthfeel with honey-like sweetness and notes of peach, raspberry, and bergamot. Lingering floral aftertaste.


Cappuccino/Flat white:

Smooth cup with distinct florals and caramel-like sweetness.


The Producer:

Chelbesa is one of the washing stations of a company called SNAP, which was established in Addis Ababa in 2008 by coffee-passionate entrepreneur Negussie Debela. The company runs three coffee washing and processing stations in Chelelektu, Kochere District of the Gedeo Zone. 


Girum Assefa manages this washing station, and it buys cherries from approximately 470 farmers whose farms are, on average, between 0.5 to 2 hectares in size and sit between 1950 and 2200 masl. As the washing station is located in the middle of the producers, the transportation of the picked cherries is easy to organize.


SNAP coffee offers the farmers partnerships with washing station owners. The washing stations build schools, and SNAP Coffee provides computers and other facilities. They also construct roads to less accessible farming areas.


Located in the Gedeo zone of the Gedeb district, Worka Chelbesa is one of the finest coffee-producing areas within the famous Gedeb Woreda. Known for its dense, layered semi-forest vegetation structure encompassing false banana trees and shade-grown coffee trees, Chelbesa is a great example of the best coffee-growing agroecology. 

Ethiopia - Chelbesa

15,50 €Price
1000 Grams
  • Coffee info

    Flavor notes: Jasmine, wild honey, peach
    Producer: SNAP Coffee
    Farm: ~470 small farms
    Origin: Gedeo, Yirgacheffe
    Variety: Wolisho, Dega
    Processing: Washed
    Altitude: 1950-2200 masl
    Importer: Belco
    Beginning of the relationship: 2022
    FOB: 9,90$/kg

  • Delivery notice

    Please keep in mind that we roast per order. All orders received before Tuesday 14:00 will be shipped on Wednesday. Orders arriving after that will be sent out the following week.

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