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Orea V3 MK2

The OREA Brewer V3 has become quite iconic - with its unique patented ring design that covers the whole bed while keeping it perfectly flat. The V3 has always been loved for its consistency, fast flow rate, and unique cup profile. 


Beautifully toothy

This brewer has been updated from its predecessor by adding 32 small teeth around the bed of the brewer. These teeth open up 32 little pockets of air that relieve pressure all around the coffee bed and give the water that has already gone through the coffee some tiny escape paths. The teeth allow the coffee bed to stay totally flat, which helps maintain the unique flavor profile of the V3. 


More consistency 

The result of these new teeth is a more consistent drip without clogging, even when using flat papers or fine grinds. It's immediately obvious in the way it drips, but you really notice it when you brew side-by-side. 


More options to explore 

With the new interior design - you have a wider range of brewing options. You can push this brewer more with finer grinds and bigger and faster pours and generally play with variations in recipes a lot more. This might very well be the most flexible pour-over brewer out there.


From the outside, quite familiar 

This looks and feels like a V3 - it's not drastically different. It has a very coarse texture on the exterior for scratch-proofing and durability.


A new material 

The material has been updated to a high-impact Polypropylene that is BPA-free and FDA and EU-approved for food safety. It is similar in weight and feel to the original V3 Trogamid material - giving a light, compliant, but durable brewer. Throw it in your bag - drop it on the floor, and don't be afraid to brew on the edge of a cliff - this brewer has your back. 


A sweet, well-extracted cup profile

The V3 is known for bringing out sweetness but with great clarity and quality acidity. Due to the design, it tends to produce higher extraction cups with less time and effort, but you can always grind coarser or adjust your recipes to drop tds to the level you enjoy. 


Folks from around the world appreciate this brewer. OREA is a small, independent company without budgets to advertise, play for PR, or buy reviews. They have grown bottom-up and are always floored to see people's reviews, thoughts, and feedback. They stay small so that they can stay focused.

Orea V3 MK2

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