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Aeropress Filters

Filter paper plays an essential role in brewing a cup of great coffee.


This filter is exclusively designed for use with AeroPress Original, Go, and Clear coffee makers (not compatible with AeroPress XL coffee maker). High-quality paper absorbs bitter-tasting oils while micro-sized holes filter and catch fine particles, stopping them from passing into the cup. Unlike French press coffee brewers, they allow for finer ground coffee and ensure a consistently smooth, grit-free cup of coffee.


The paper helps you extract all the greatness and aroma from your freshly ground coffee beans. These filter papers are also biodegradable, meaning they are good for the environment and can, therefore, be thrown away together with the used coffee grounds.


Before brewing your coffee, make sure to rinse with boiling water to get rid of any unwanted papery flavors.

Aeropress Filters

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