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Honduras - Mario Moreno

Round, silky cup with sugary sweetness and berry-like acidity. A washed Pacas by our long-term friends from Honduras, the Moreno family.



Cherry, pecan, caramel, and pear cider. Round, silky cup with sugary sweetness and berry-like acidity.



Red grape, cherry, cacao nibs, cinnamon, brown sugar. Thick body and orange-like aftertaste.



Full-bodied and round with mild acidity and notes of caramel and vanilla.


The Producer:


Mario Moreno is one of the seven brothers of the Moreno family. Together with his family, they have made an exceptional journey in the specialty coffee business and have been one of the driving forces in transforming how coffee is cultivated in their neighborhood.


Their family "dynasty" started with the original El Filo farm and the patriarch of the family, Daniel Moreno. Steep hills, high altitude, close proximity to rain forests, and the striking contrast between the coldness of the nights and the warmth of the sunny days have a great effect on creating complex flavor notes, depth, sweetness, and brightness descriptive to the coffees from this area. Combined with generations of knowledge, passion, and dedication, this becomes a winning recipe, so much so that they are no strangers to the Cup of Excellence winners list. Mario himself has 5 wins in the last ten years.


We met the Moreno family for the first time in 2014, and they have played a significant role in our path to specialty coffee. In previous years, we have worked with his brothers Miquel, Gerardo, and Danny, as well as his nephew Dolmin. As the family continues to evolve, with the younger generation taking on more responsibility, the Moreno family’s commitment to their buyers remains steadfastly loyal and forward-looking

Honduras - Mario Moreno

15,90 €Price
  • Coffee info

    Flavor notes: Cherry, pear cider, pecan
    Origin: Honduras
    Producer: Mario Moreno
    Variety: Pacas
    Processing: Washed
    Altitude: 1650 masl
    Importer: Direct trade / Belco
    FOB: 9,92$/kg

  • Delivery notice

    Please keep in mind that our roast day is Monday. All orders received before Monday 10.00 will be shipped at the latest on Wednesday. 

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